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Got $10+ Million in Capital Gains?, Pacific West Region

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Got $10+ Million in Capital Gains?

Has your accountant given you that inevitable phone call that your assets are fully depreciated and its time to think about another purchase (and depreciation schedule)?

Are you in one or more of the following situations that could result in $10 to $20 million in capital gains (and facing the thought of having to pay a huge capital gains tax)?

Standby 1031 Exchange Seller / Buyer You have multiple buyers for your property, however, there is no suitable like-kind replacement property to identify into under the stringent 1031 Exchange deadlines.

Active 1031/Exchange Seller/Buyer You are involved in an active sale of your property, however, the replacement property is looking weak and you are having difficulty finding a suitable like-kind replacement property within the same 1031 Exchange deadlines.

Non-Real Estate Capital Gains You are involved in a non-real estate transaction what may/will result in capital gains gains tax and looking for an alternative to paying this tax right away.

We have identified a qualified investment opportunity that qualifies incredible tax and deferment advantages under the 2018 The Tax Cut and Jobs Act.


You purchased a property for $10 million. Today, you have multiple buyers making blind offers for $30 million today. You decide to sell in 2019 for $30 million, resulting in a $20 million capital gain. Instead of paying the federal 23.8% long term capital gains tax ($4,760,000) on this sale, you roll your $20 million gain into qualified investment opportunity. Lets further assume that the forecasted value of your new qualified investment opportunity doubles in value to a $40 million value in 10 years (2029).

The tax benefits you will receive include

• Defer paying $4,760,000 in capital gains taxes ($20M x 23.8% = $4,760,000. Invest the full $20 million instead of the $15,240,000 that would be remaining if the capital was not re-invested into your new, qualified investment opportunity.

• As an added bonus, after five years, you pay no taxes on 10% of the gains. After seven years, you pay no taxes on 15% of the gains.

• This last tax advantage is the real kicker! If you hold on to this investment for at least 10 years, you pay NO CAPITAL GAINS TAXES if you decide to sell your qualified investment opportunity on or after 2029! In other words, if you decide to sell in 2029 for $40 million, you will owe zero dollars ($0.00) in capital gains taxes!

Note: This tax strategy is not only applicable to real estate. This federally approved capital gains tax strategy applies to ALL capital gains. For example, if you are frustrated with stock market ups and downs, this strategy works. Lets say you purchased 20,000 shares of Amazon stock in 2013 for $250 per share (total $5 million purchase price). A 2019 sale at $1,300 per share results in a $26 million sale with a $21 million in profit subject to capital gains taxes. Instead of paying capital gains, invest in a qualified investment opportunity and enjoy the ride!

We have identified a qualified investment opportunity with forecasted annual gross sales of $100+ million. There funds invested in this tax strategy can only be capital gains funds. The qualified investment opportunity we have identified has an investment requirement of $20 million in capital gains funds which will be used to explode the growth of the qualified investment we have identified.

This opportunity is available on a first come, first serve basis. If you have a minimum $20 million capital gains, contact us for more information by clicking the REQUEST PROPERTY PACKAGE button below.


Got $10+ Million in Capital Gains?

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