About us

The National Real Estate Exchange Network is a market leader in the commercial real estate industry. We are committed to providing a powerful alternative choice to savvy buyers and sellers of commercial real estate properties nationwide. We operate a simple foundation of entering into relationships based on complete honest and fairness. With the explosion of the internet and ease of access to information, we have always felt that buyers and sellers of commercial real estate should have more choices when making important real estate decisions. We advocate protection of competition for consumers in an industry vulnerable to violations and negative impacts on consumers. We are driven on building long term relationships rather than just closing transactions.

We were the first!

The National Real Estate Exchange Network originated in 1995 as a true leader an not as a follower. To the best of our knowledge, were the first site on the internet to operate from a 1031 exchange platform. We continue to be told that we were the first by many of our original customers who still find it a joy to be working with us today.


Owners have nothing to lose and much to gain when working with us. Sellers enjoy a confidential, direct and powerful effort with a well-known expert in the industry without a requirement of any listing agreement. We bring strictly screened, direct principal buyers to owners. Our confidential selling techniques prevent employees, management, and customers from becoming alarmed or threatened typically found in common public campaigns utilized by traditional brokerages to sell a property.

Buyers love the speed in which we recommend properties to fit their replacement needs and time constraints. Our buyers and investors enjoy many properties that are confidential offerings they would otherwise have no knowledge of. Buyers also enjoy us as a credible source who can deliver controlled properties rather than hot air.

New Technology and Innovation in Services

Buyers and sellers are harmed when out-dated traditional real estate brokerage competition prevents them from enjoying innovative services and new, cost-saving practices. Our innovative business model offers better services to customers by increasing consumer choice.

New technology is one of the keys to a more competitive real estate market. The Internet has brought extraordinary new opportunities for increased competition, giving consumers better access to information about our commercial real estate products and services. This has resulted in increased choice and savings in consumer personal time and effort.

Our innovative business model offers benefits for buyers and sellers of commercial real estate. For example, it is common to provide information on commercial properties to customers through the Internet or email. The use of email and the Internet allows web-savvy buyers and sellers to become educated about a market by examining the market more efficiently rather than being dependent on a traditional broker. Buyers can research neighborhoods on their personal computers, on their own schedule, and at their own pace, before spending time with us or writing an offer. The time we save by is invested back into our business model confirming availability of properties, screening buyers, and improving overall long-lasting relationships.

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